A landing page is a standalone page separate from your main website that is geared toward a specific objective, such as prompting strangers to provide their contact information in exchange for downloading a valuable resource (a lead magnet).

In one of Frozen Lemon Media’s latest blog articles [hyperlink to article once you’ve posted], we discussed the elements that made a lead magnet irresistible so companies across all industries could develop giveaway resources that appealed to prospective customers.

This article is the sister to that one. By the end, you will understand how to develop lead generation landing pages that prompt visitors to make the leap and leave you their contact information.

The Purpose and Benefits of a Lead Generation Landing Page

As the name suggests, a lead generation landing page is one way of gathering contact information from prospective customers. Once you have a contact’s user data, that person transforms from a stranger to a lead—a prospective customer that has shown interest in your company’s products or services.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Methodology-Landing Pages in Convert Stage.png

Understanding how to develop lead generation landing pages that consistently convert strangers into leads is a powerful tool in your company’s marketing arsenal, because:

  • You will constantly reach more warm contacts that you can eventually turn into customers
  • These people will have generated an organic interest in your product or services (rather than you forcing that interest upon them via traditional marketing tactics)
  • Your company can slowly build relationships with contacts and cultivate loyal followers

This all starts with convincing people who route to your landing page for just seconds or minutes that they should trust your company with their contact information.

Key Information to Collect on Lead Generation Landing Pages

At the very least, your business will want to grab a contact’s name and email address. Without those two elements, it is going to be impossible to build a relationship. Whether you garner any other information—and if so, what kind—is up to your organization.

For example, a business-to-business (B2B) company may find it very helpful to ask for additional information such as:

  • Company size
  • Company location
  • The person’s role in the company, e.g., manager, C-suite executive
  • Services or products they are most interested in

Gallup does this.

Gallup B2B Lead Generation Form.png

Gather just the information you need to be able to qualify leads (that is, verify their contact information and determine whether they fit your ideal customer profile). Of course, you do not want to alienate prospects by asking for too much information. Therefore, try to ask for the fewest pieces of information possible to achieve your goal.

Best Practices for Crafting Successful Lead Generation Landing Pages

The best lead generation landing pages have the following three elements in common.

  1. A visually appealing, clearly defined form

This is essential. The end goal of the landing page is to get people to type their information into that form. If it does not stand out immediately upon looking at the page, you can bet it will not receive a ton of submissions.

Make sure that your form is easily accessible and visible. A few tips:

  • Feature the form above the fold (the area of the page you can see without scrolling)
  • Include plenty of white space on the landing page
  • Employ colour contrast, icons, and/or other attention-drawing elements to lure eyes
  • Utilize a coloured submission button—people are much more likely to notice and click a button than a hyperlink, such as in this lead generation form from Microsoft Office Small Business Academy (in fact, the button is the first thing you see!)

Microsoft Office Landing Page with Colored Submission Button.png

  1. Concise copy that explains the offer’s value

If landing page visitors have to work to understand what your offer is, chances are they are not going to opt into it. Would you take time out of your day to wade through a text-heavy webpage if you’re not sure how it would benefit you? Probably not.

Make your copy as concise and straightforward as possible, starting with the page headline. It should address the specific problem you are focusing on in your lead magnet, or simply mention what you are offering.

One example: Fizzle.

Concise Landing Page Headline from Fizzle.png“Top 10 Mistakes in Starting an Online Business.” No ambiguity there; you know exactly what type of guide you’ll be receiving should you provide your email address. They then follow the headline up with two brief sentences explaining what readers will receive from the guide— helpful insights to avoid common mistakes that they could easily fall prey to.

You do not necessarily need to boil everything down to two sentences, but the rule of thumb is to say what you need to say and nothing more. Unnecessary information only serves to distract readers.

  1. Mobile-friendly design and functionality

In their 2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus, comScore found that 65% of all digital media time revolves around mobile (versus desktop). People will be visiting your website from their smartphones, so failing to prepare for those visitors is preparing to fail.

Use responsive, mobile-friendly page templates that adapt to visitors’ devices, and abide by these golden rules of mobile web design, to just name a few:

  • Less is more when it comes to a smaller screen—avoid clutter or lengthy text that forces users to scroll endlessly
  • Make font big enough to read easily
  • Enlarge buttons, keeping in mind the size of the average adult fingertip (one MIT study found that the average adult index fingertip is 1.6 to 2 cm wide, which translates into 45-57 pixels)
  • Utilize high-resolution images so they do not become pixelated or blurry

Overall, the ideal mobile website combines aesthetic appeal with a great user experience.

user experience.png

Ask For Help

All of the tips above can help to create a lead generation landing page that is ideal for converting strangers into leads, so you have a steady stream of new potential customers coming into your business.

But if you still feel overwhelmed or simply don’t have the time to craft a high-quality landing page and analyze the return on investment (ROI), simply reach out to the Frozen Lemon Media team! Our marketing experts are always here to help.

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