Social Media Marketing Agencies come in many shapes and sizes, and it’s important to understand what they can and cannot do for your business.

Here are 4 questions to ask when hiring a social media marketing agency.

1. Can you drive traffic back to our website?

One of the best things about social media is the ability to drive tons of traffic back to your website. If your social media marketing agency can’t do this and they’re only promising you vanity numbers, this is a huge red flag, a lot of the times these numbers are either fake or automated and they will not only do nothing for your business but actually hurt your reach and future efforts to be seen.

Another reason you may not want vanity numbers is that although you may think that a lot of numbers make you seem popular, it may in some cases actually hurts your results.

People generally want to support the underdog. There is a reason why crowdfunding is so popular; it’s because you’re developing a tribe of promoters and supporters who help you drive results, you’re in it together. People generally love to support things or people they believe in. If you’re developing quality content on a consistent base and adding value to people’s lives, then asking for a retweet, alike, or a share should not be a problem. You should see some real results, rather than you posting to a bunch of accounts that don’t actually exist and wondering why you’re not getting results.

2. Can you Increase brand awareness?

The whole point of marketing on social media is to be where your customers are, your social media marketing agency should be able to get you in front of your customers, what’s the point of being on social if you can’t be social because nobody knows you’re there. Remember numbers don’t matter, results do.

3. Can you increase our conversion rate?

This is where working with a social media marketing agency falls short, typically, they should be able to drive loads of traffic to your website, which will naturally increase your conversion rate, but only if your website is already properly setup with CTA’s and landing pages to guide visitors down your sales funnel. Social agencies usually don’t, however, touch conversion rates, in most cases that may not even be one of their KPI’s (key performance indicators). This is where working with an inbound marketing agency like would make more sense. An inbound marketing agency would use social media to drive traffic, but also create offers like eBooks, landing pages and CTA’s (calls-to-action) to convert that traffic into leads.

4. Can you increase our leads?

This is also something that a social media marketing agency may not be measured on, although sometimes, during contesting, this might be set up as a KPI. During contest participants are asked to do something for a chance to win something, sometimes it’s a share, sometimes a tweet and sometimes it’s to offer their contact information if the latter is the case then an email conversion KPI or lead KPI may be set up.

With an inbound marketing agency, generating quality leads for your sales team is one of the primary reasons you would hire an inbound agency. To take someone from social media who’s never heard of your company, all the way down the funnel to become customers and then promoters take nurturing on multiple platforms such as email and social.

If you’re interested in generating more qualified leads through social media for your business, let’s get a conversation going about how Frozen Lemon Media can help you reach your goals. No salesman, just real people having a conversation to see if inbound marketing is right for you.

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