The beer market is one of the most densely populated industries, competition is fierce and everyone is fighting for market share, the craft beer market is better, but not by much.

When this happened in an industry, it’s important that you have a great understanding of where you fit into your industry, or, better yet, where your customers will fit you in in the craft beer market, but the point is to not have your customers work at trying to fit you in, if you do, the only ones that you’ll be selling to are “early adopters”, these are the people that are the first to try everything, they’re also the people that are going to tell their family and friends about your beer, ultimately selling your craft beer for you, don’t make it hard for these early adopters to sell your product.

Here are 40 ways you can position your craft beer in this highly competitive craft beer market so that you stand out amongst the rest.

  1. Summer Beer
  2. Winter Beer
  3. BBQ Beer
  4. Best Marinating Beer
  5. Best Stag Beer
  6. Most Expensive Beer
  7. A Man’s Beer
  8. A Woman’s Beer
  9. The Most Alcoholic Beer
  10. The Strongest Beer
  11. The More Flavourful Beer
  12. The Darkest Beer
  13. The Lightest Beer
  14. The Beer of the New Generation
  15. The Beer of the Old Generation (Classic)
  16. Most Mature Beer (For Refined Men)
  17. Most Classy Beer for Women
  18. Most Classy Beer for Men
  19. Most Exotic Beer
  20. Most Different Tasting Beer
  21. Best Sports Beer
  22. Red Beer
  23. Blue Beer
  24. Fun Beer
  25. Canadian Beer
  26. German “Craft” Beer
  27. Most Ironic Beer
  28. Most Sweet Beer
  29. Most Celebratory Beer
  30. Most Distinguished Beer
  31. Most Rare Beer
  32. First Beer To _______, if this is too hard, then drill down a bit more and do the First Beer in _______ (Toronto) to ________.
  33. Beer for Kids (obviously, non-alcoholic)
  34. The Best Beer For a Wedding
  35. Best Beer For A Funeral (Send Off Drink)
  36. The Cooking Beer
  37. The Morning Beer
  38. The ________ (insert industry and/or profession) Beer ie, The “construction workers” beer or the “lawyers” beer.
  39. Dad’s Beer
  40. The _______ (insert ingredient or flavour here) Beer ie, The “Citrus” Beer, or The “Hops” Beer.

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