For those in B2B industries, SlideShare is a natural fit. 70 million people visit the site each month looking for information about marketing, technology and other areas that can make them more effective at their jobs. Content marketers can get a lot of traction on this site, but it’s important to use this lead generation venue to its best advantage, here are 6 tips for lead generation on SlideShare:

1. Provide Well-Design Content.


Anyone can publish on SlideShare, and many people do. With over 18 million decks available, there is no lack of content. But, what there is a lack of is well-designed, aesthetically pleasing, informative and useful content. Think beyond the boring bullet points of an old school PowerPoint presentation. Use unusual and attractive fonts, keep your slides uncluttered and easy to understand and keep it down to two or three styles in each presentation. If you are covering a popular topic, you should get a few hundred views in a couple of days with little or no outside promotion at all.

2. Tell People How To Do Something.


Most people who are visiting SlideShare go to learn more about how they can do their jobs more effectively. Help them by providing step by step illustrated how-tos. When attractively designed, these decks can become incredibly popular and are likely to be viewed and shared by many potential prospects.

3. Optimize Fot SEO.


Include relevant keywords in your filename, title, tags and description. SlideShare presentations are indexed by Google. You have a much better chance of having yours found by the right people if you include the words and phrases that they will search when looking for content like yours.

4. Don’t Forget to Include Your Business Name and URL.


When you are constructing your presentation, include your name and logo on the first slide. Make sure that the name and logo are readable in small formats; your first slide serves as your thumbnail for your presentation. Watermark each slide discreetly with your URL and make the link clickable. Close out the presentation with a call to action to learn more. And, be sure to fill out your profile completely, with links to your website, LinkedIn, Facebook and other contact information.

5. Promote Your Presentations On Your Other Social Networks.


When you create your presentations, promote them on the other networks that you use. LinkedIn is a great destination for B2B news and you can even embed a new presentation into your summary page. This provides an interactive experience for your visitors that sets you apart.

6. Post Early in the Morning.


When you post early, you are more likely to get people to see your presentation when it is new. This is also a great strategy for getting featured by SlideShare’s editors. Featured decks are hand-selected; your chances of being picked are high if you create quality content and post when editors are likely to see it.

Should You Pay To Promote Your Slide Deck?

Like many social networks, SlideShare offers promoted content — at a price. While many people will have success through organic search and their own outside promotion, paying for promotion can also make sense in several situations:

  • When you are promoting a new service.
  • During a slow season for your business.
  • When you want to heavily target a specific and narrow demographic.

As with all promotional activities, keep an eye on your analytics and make sure you are happy with the return that you are getting on your marketing investment.

With its heavily B2B demographic, SlideShare can be the perfect place to develop and nurture B2B leads. Use the site regularly and well to increase your visibility and bring more new prospects to your business.

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