Being involved in social media, for business, is more important than ever today. After all, your customers take to these platforms for entertainment, to learn more about local businesses and to connect with people—near and far. However, as the impact of social media grows, companies need to do more to stand out from the crowd. Simply creating a Facebook profile or dropping a tweet every once in awhile won’t help you make and cement those connections. We have put together a list of eight unique ways that you can drive traffic using social media.

Instagram Stories

Instagram is THE place to be today. If you haven’t made an account yet, check it out. If you already are, take advantage of the exciting ways to connect that the network offers. Instagram Stories, for instance, are photos and videos that only exist for 24 hours. By posting a story you are creating a NEED for your followers to check things out immediately, or avoid missing out on something. Stories can be used to drive excitement for a promotion or sale, for instance. Instagram also allows you to stream video live, which leads us to our next point…

Live Streaming ON Facebook

Live streaming is huge today. Whether you use Google Hangouts, Facebook’s streaming service or as specialty program like Periscope, you can create an event-like atmosphere for your video content that makes it seem timely for followers to tune in and check you out. Live streaming can allow you to create must-see content.

Pulse on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to do more than just look for a job. Consider posting a thought leadership piece to get attention in your industry and develop a following on this network too.

Utilize Social Media’s Ad Network

While most social media marketing is free (other than your time), paying for ads is not a bad idea for many firms. This paid marketing can be especially beneficial when a company is in the early stages of social media marketing and still trying to gain followers. Figure out where your customer base spends its time and target that network. Working with a marketing firm to get the best use of your investment may be a good idea.

Pin, Pin Pin!

One simple way to build links to your website is through the Pinterest network. You may think that your company is not Pinterest material, but you may be surprised by what works on the site. Develop an infographic or a similar piece about your industry. Make sure you watermark it with your company name and set it wild on the site. You will likely find that it gets massive views and shares. Additionally, spend some time creating a curated board full of useful information and links that fit in with your business or industry. Make your board something that your ideal customer would want to follow.  Used properly, Pinterest can be an amazing tool for a variety of companies.

Associate with Influencers

Influencers build networks. Connect with those who have social media pull in your field. Follow, like and share their content in a genuine manner and see if you can get on the radar. If you can develop relationships with relevant influencers, your network will expand much more rapidly.

Be Consistent

Social media marketing doesn’t work if it is something you do now and then, or only when you think of it. You need to develop a posting schedule and be consistent. But, at the same time, be intentional with your posts. Don’t fill your feed with “hot air.” Putting out useful new (yet useful and exciting) information on a regular basis will help you stand out from the crowd.

Being seen on social media is easier than you may think. It just takes a willingness to put your business out there and some effort to connect with your audience. If you would like to talk to an expert about how you can take your social media marketing plan to the next level, reach out to us at Frozen Lemon Media. We would love to show you some proven ways we can make social media work for you!

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