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frequently asked questions

1.Will I qualify to work with you?

We can’t guarantee that you’ll qualify to work with us, however, we can guarantee that we will look over every application personally.

2.Is there a waiting list to work with you?

Most of the time, yes, there is, and this is because we only take on a few clients per month. This ensures that each client we take on has our full attention while we ramp up. This gives each and every client the best chance of getting results.

3.What happens after I apply?

  1. Within 24 hours of applying we’ll be in touch with you and – if appropriate – set up a time to talk on a video conference call.

  2. During that conversation, we’ll have a short conversation about your goals, what you’re currently doing with paid advertising and your store. You can ask us questions too – and together, we’ll decide whether my team and I can help.

4.What happens if I qualify?

  1. If we discover that we can help you, with your permission, we’ll exhaustively analyze your business in order to create a plan on exactly how we can help. (Even if we don’t work together… that plan will be worth its weight in gold…)

  2. If we agree to work together, we set a start date to get started.

5.How soon will I see results?

This depends on where your business currently is but typically you’ll start seeing tangible sales growth in your business within 30 days of us working together.

6.Why should I apply?

If you feel like you’re a good fit to work with us, and you’re at a point in your business where you’ve either hit a glass ceiling and you want to hit that next level of growth, or you’re wearing too many hats, or maybe you just want to start growing your team, then we want to talk to you!

7.What if I'm currently not spending any money on advertising, should I still apply?

Although there are other ways of generating traffic to your store, paid advertising is the most reliable.

However, if you’re not currently spending any money on advertising but you’re doing at least 7 figures pre-year, we still want to talk with you.

8.How much do you charge?

Our pricing is based on a % of revenue.

There is not equity and there is no long term contract.

This ensures that our goals are aligned and that the ebbs and flows in cash flow in your business never interfere with whether or not you have a marketing agency that can support you.

This is truly unique to any other agency in the world in that we act more as an investor and partner than an outsourced agency.

However, even an investor will ask for equity or hold you to a long term contract.

Instead, we know the value that we provide and are willing to hold ourselves accountable to the results we promise our clients!

9.I have a crappy website, will I qualify?

In many cases, we may be able to get a crappy website to convert if everything else checks out, however, if your website is the only thing holding you back, we may suggest a website overhaul.

If a website overhaul is necessary, and we’ve offered you our % of revenue pricing, then you can either choose to pay for the website upfront or add an additional % to the rev share agreement until the website is paid off.

10.How can I get the most from our call?

To get the most out of our call, please have the following ready.

  1. Your last year’s gross revenue
  2. Your overall profit margin
  3. Your Facebook ad account ID
  4. Your fulfillment time
  5. You revenue goals for the next 6 – 12 months
  6. Please be in front of a computer

11.What makes you different than every other agency?

Where to start!

  1. We guarantee our results (See below for details)
  2. We don’t lock you into any long term contract. All our contracts are month-to-month.
  3. We’re specialists, not generalists. Growing and scaling e-commerce brands are our entire business! This is not an add-on, this is our WORLD!
  4. We don’t charge any setup fee, with the only exception being if a new website is needed, this is rare though. Most of the time, we can even get a crappy website to convert better.
  5. Client-only tickets to events and seminars
  6. Discounts on products and courses.
  7. Access to our extensive e-commerce network of companies and potential mentors.
  8. You have direct access to Phill Smith through Slack, (not the intern or some junior account manager). This is like dealing directly with a surgeon before and after an operation rather than only having them for the surgery.
  9. Ongoing consultation on growing your ecommerce brand.

12.Do you have any testimonials?

Yup, and we’re proud of them, that’s why you’ll see a bunch of them sprinkled throughout our site. Poke around and if you’d like to see more, let us know!

13.What currency do you charge in?

Whatever currency we generate for you is the currency we charge you in, unless otherwise requested.

14.Can I talk to one of your clients?

We don’t share any of our client’s information with other businesses. We take the privacy of our clients very seriously.

If we share a testimonial or case study with you, that does not give you permission to reach out to them. We get dozens of applications per month and it would be a full-time job for our clients to speak with everyone that wants to work with us.

If this is a deal-breaker, then please don’t apply, this is non-negotiable and will be a waste of everyone’s time.

15.Can you guarantee results?

Everything we do comes with a guarantee.

  1. If we recommend a website overhaul and it doesn’t convert, then we’ll give you your money back.
  2. If you want to stop our contract for some reason in the middle of the month, then let us know and we won’t charge you for that month.
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