At Frozen Lemon Media we measure everything. We constantly gauge what’s working and what’s not, what needs immediate attention and what doesn’t. And the main goal? Lead generation! But if your website is not optimized for conversion, then is not really doing its job, is it? Optimizing your website is an absolute must have, you can drive all the traffic to your website as you want but if your site isn’t converting visitors into leads then it’s a huge waste of time and money.

We’ve talked about how colour can persuade people to take action and affect our conversion rate, but what about the words we use on buttons and CTA’s? “Submit” just doesn’t cut it anymore, here are some ways to dramatically increase conversion on your website by simply changing the text on your buttons.

Use Action Words

When building your buttons or CTAs, use strong actions verbs like “press”, “download”, and “get”.

Use More Than One Word

When writing your button text, use more than one word. Such as “get access now”, or “teach me now”.

Get To The Point

Try to get to the point in a few words. The reason “Submit” doesn’t cut it, is because it doesn’t get to the point, every button is a “submit” button, so the action of submitting is inevitable. It’s redundant to use something like “submit to get access now” when this can easily be shortened to “get access now”.

Be Specific

“Get the ebook now” and “Get access now” could be directed to the same thing, but being more specific on what the user is getting by clicking on the button has been proven to have a higher success rate. Between these two “Get the ebook now” tells the user exactly what’s in it for them and what they’re getting by clicking on the button or CTA.

State The Value To The User

Why should the user click on the button? A button that says “Buy Now” has no benefits stated to the user, instead look at what you’re selling or offering and clearly state the value like “start losing weight today”.

I Want To…

A great way to come up with great button or CTA text is to use the term “I Want to…”, Whatever you come up with after that is your button or CTA text. Example: “I want to lose weight right now”, after you figure this out, take out “I Want To” so that you left with just “lose weight now”.


The buzzword in online marketing right now is “personalization”. When I go to I see books about Drums, Business, Marketing and motivational peak performance stuff, because Amazon has personalized the experience for me, I’m ┬ámore likely to click on one of their CTAs about one of those topics then I would be for say, a fiction novel, or books about Hot Yoga. If the context of your button or CTA is right on point with your visitor then your click-through rate can easily increase immediately.

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, it’s important to know what’s working for others and why, but it’s much more important to know what works for you, use these tips and principles as a starting point but remember to always be testing and tweaking.

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